Marian Martin Vintage Dress Pattern #9052

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Good morning!

One of the things I have done for a while now is keep a list of the special vintage patterns I have came across online. I search a couple times a week on Etsy, Ebay and a couple FB pages for these patterns. Apparently the few I have on my list must be somewhat rare because it took me a while to come across this Marian Martin pattern. I saw it pop up on Etsy and hesitated for a minute because it was a size 10 but ended up purchasing anyways with the intent of grading down to the 4 that I needed.

The grading process wasn't too difficult. I used the measurement difference between sizes to figure out how much I needed to remove from the pattern pieces. After adjusting the pattern pieces, I then made a muslin. The fit from the first muslin was pretty great but the sleeves were a little too "batwing-ish" for my liking and so made a second muslin with the excess removed from the sleeve region.

The pattern itself was beautifully written. I loved all of the old school sewing "tips" she provided in her tutorial.
Joni absolutely adored the dress! #momwin
The only thing that probably would have made the dress better in her eyes is if it was blue. She was all about pink/purple/yellow for the last few years but suddenly woke up one morning and it was BLUE. ALL THINGS BLUE. 🙄
Back to the dress, I have it shown on a 2T mannequin so it looks a little big. But you get the idea. 
I added piping to the top and bottom of the waistband seam.
The buttons are from Joanns. Originally, I wanted to find a deep plum color but none I found looked quite as nice as the light tortoise ones.
The trim along the bottom is vintage lace I had in my stash. I am not sure where it came from but it really complimented this color nicely and added a special touch. The pattern directions call for a 3" hem allowance. I am a HUGE fan of a wide hem but due to the amount of fabric I had on hand, I had to use a 2" hem instead.
 Aren't those bodice darts lovely?! There is just something about darts that makes me happy.
One of the changes I made to the original pattern construction was to fully line the bodice. Aside from being faster than applying bias around all edges, I love the look of a fully lined bodice on the inside.
This is the second dress I have made using this pattern. The other can be seen on my IG account. I really can't rave enough about this pattern....I have a feeling I will be making a ton of these every summer until Joni outgrows it.

OH, and I just found that MM must have made "Mommy & Me" patterns because I found the identical MM dress pattern sized for adults! The listing was sold, so I will be putting that one on my "wish list". ;)

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    1. Thank you Olga. <3 I just bought another Marian Martin dress a few weeks back and am DYING to sew it up! Vintage patterns are so addicting!

  2. It will end up being your "go to" dress; one you can dress up or down effectively with shoes and adornments.check these dresses


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