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Friday, July 6, 2018

Good morning everyone!

Today is the last day of the Sew Pony Finch Dress Blog Tour and I am so excited to share the look I created using the Finch Dress pattern. Joining me today is Laurence, Eveline & Mijke, so be sure to check out their posts too!
For my version, I ended up making a modifications. Not because it needed it, I adore the dress as the pattern is written, but out of necessity. I bought this fabric specifically for this dress but after holding it up, I realized how incredibly sheer it is. See the entire outline of underwear kind of sheer. 😳 This being said, I knew I needed to add a full lining. Being that the hem has a lace border, it also meant I had to deviate from the curved skirt hem on the pattern piece which will give you a straight hem line. Mine is more of a mild handkerchief style with the sides extending about 1.5" below the front hem. This was totally fine with me but wanted to note that the pattern is definitely drafted to give a straight hem. 😊
To line this dress, I simply cut two identical pieces from my lining. I personally love this lining from Joanns - even though I wish it was 100% cotton, it is SO light and soft!!!! I lined as you would a traditional lined bodice. Instead of adding the waistband casing as directed in the pattern, I carefully pinned the lining and the main together and sewed along the pattern casing markings. 
I am sure you will notice that I used a smaller elastic than the pattern directs. I, once again, forgot to buy wider elastic at the store. 🙄 I swear, every time I go to the store with the intention of buying certain things, I come home with 5 things I don't need and never the thing I went to get in the first place! I do like the daintier elastic with this fabric though so I am happy with how that turned out.
The back of the dress has a lovely keyhole opening with ties. 
Since my dress is fully lined, I added the ties by sandwiching them between the main and lining when sewing around the neckline and keyhole. 
Side note, I really love this fabric! It has micro stripes (which even my non-stripe loving daughter liked!) and feels so nice. I think it would also make a lovely flowy top!
I hope you enjoyed my version! Be sure to check out the other bloggers on the tour for more Finch Inspo!

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For those interested in purchasing the Finch Pattern, it is available HERE in English and Dutch. For 20% off, use the code FINCHFRIENDS (coupon is good through Saturday, July 7th).

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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